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Recognition in an excellent shape

The last quarter of 2021 is ahead of us. It is the time to award distributors, business partners, organise company anniversaries and sales champions’ galas. And which of these events are worth honouring with trophies made by Modern Forms? The simplest answer: all of them! Check out which projects enjoyed the greatest interest and … what can we surprise you with!

Sophisticated and effective:

When you ask us about non-standard and unconventional trophies – we already know that the project needs to catch the eye. Durable structure, openwork elements that add depth, vivid colours – it all gives a wow effect. Emphasising the nature of the personalised award – that is what we care about the most.

Example? Even two! Adamed Award – The best idea Kaizen is a trophy combining steel and marble. The upper part is made of stainless steel and then painted blue. The base of the trophy is a heavy and solid black marble polished to a delicate shine, which is complemented by a glued-on plate with a printed dedication.

25th Anniversary of Work Award

Project number two is the T-Mobile 25th Anniversary of Work Award made of stainless steel. The front panel is heavily openwork and covered in pink, as well as the base. In turn, the back panel is raw stainless steel with additional separate elements forming the logo, also in pink. The element emphasising the whole is a personalised print.

heavy and solid trophy

Classic and elegant:

At Modern Forms, we like challenges, and even more when we can surprise the client with the result. Beauty, uniqueness – it is a combination of stainless steel with the addition of a glass diamond. This unequivocal expression of appreciation perfectly reflects the character of the gala for business partners or sales employees. It is an expression of appreciation enclosed in a glass form.
Such an implementation is a trophy created because of a merger of stainless steel, solid wood, and a glass diamond with a diameter of 8 cm – the Leader of the Year for Unibep.

Leader of the Year awards

As well as the design of the Art of Beauty Prestige Awards. The figure on the trophy was made of brushed stainless steel, fixed on a wooden base, on which we also placed an engraved plate made of golden laminate.

award for business partners

Simple and modern:

The simple form and uncomplicated design are the result of a joining of wood and stainless steel. Minimalism, which has enjoyed the greatest popularity recently. Here, every element has its place. Effect? Timeless durability that distinguishes distributors and business partners.

Example number one is the award for business partners of Nowy Styl. Solid oak wood is emphasised by a proportional grainline, and the final product is finished with an engraving made on wood and a metal print.

Mobeye Consumer Awards

Example number two is the Mobeye Consumer Awards. This effect is solid wood with highlighted grainlines, combined with brushed stainless steel coated in golden colour. Cut openwork and applied UV print complement the metal elements.

3D printing technology of trophies

You dream – we design and deliver

Creative combined materials, any shape and colour, proprietary 3D printing technology that you can feel under your fingertips. From modern designs in line with the trends of minimalism to complex ornaments. We create products in many versions. We know how important it is to follow the rules of visual identification of the organisation. That is why with Modern Forms you can be sure that the product will be consistent with your brand. We focus on cooperation with the client, understanding the needs means understanding the vision of your event. What about the budget? We are precise and we value such cooperation. During the first stage, we will ask you to specify the budget and provide us with all the necessary information. For the trophy to be as close to your tastes as possible, we will be happy to identify specific projects that you like.

Are we starting cooperation?Contact us!