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Modern Forms trophies for the Pogórze Ultra Trail

The first edition of the Pogórze Ultra Trail was an excellent opportunity for the runners to get to know the beautiful corners of the Strzyżów-Dynów Foothills region. A souvenir of the sporting rivalry and great atmosphere were the prizes prepared by Modern Forms. Their list included sports trophies.

PUT trophies in numbers:

  • 18 trophies in the OPEN category – these were distinguished by three sizes: 6 x 30 cm, 6 x 25 cm and 6 x 20 cm
  • 72 trophies in the age categories – these were single-panel trophies 20 cm high

Modern Forms' place during the PUT

Modern Forms, as strategic sponsor of the PUT, provided not only impressive prizes for the runners – including trophies in several categories – but also organisational support for the event. In addition to a company stand, where runners could find unique designs of medals and sports trophies, leaflets, catalogues and gifts, our brand organised a chillout zone. The relaxation area with deckchairs, refreshments in the form of sweets and commemorative key chains attracted crowds.

What was the PUT?

The Pogórze Ultra Trail is a local initiative of running enthusiasts from the Strzyżów area. The first edition of the event took place on 24 July 2022. The event was organised by local runners from the Subcarpathia region with runners from all over the country in mind. The ambassadors of the event were Paulina Jemioła, Radosław Slaski and Gniewomir Skrzysiński.

More than 300 participants took part in the first PUT competition. The runners had to cover a route running through beautiful corners of the Strzyżów-Dynów Foothills. They competed over three varied distances – 60km PUT, 25km Concrete and 13km Novice. Each of these was adapted to the running abilities of the competitors. At the same time, the routes were designed not only to be challenging, but also to show the beauty of the corners of the Strzyżów region, its natural and historical assets.

There was no shortage of prizes either… In addition to the Modern Forms sports trophies and medals, the organisers also took care to offer a special prize. It went to the winner of the PUT run on the 60-kilometre route – Artur Jendrych. The runner received a pass for the Cirque Series run in Engelberg, which will already take place on 24 September 2022.

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How to appreciate an employee – a few effective methods

Many employers know how difficult it can be to find a good employee. At the same time, it can also be a challenge to keep him or her in the company. There can be many reasons for changing jobs. According to the research, a lack of appreciation from the employer is not uncommon on their list. It would seem that an element of work that should not be a problem can be the Achilles’ heel of many employers… How to appreciate an employee? Here are some good ways!

Employee appreciation can take many different forms. It is up to the employer, the situation and the type of company to decide which is best. It is worth remembering that not all of them can have the desired effect… The safest options for appreciating an employee are various types of discretionary bonuses, training and benefits. They are the most effective motivators for further work, although obviously not the only ones. Contrary to appearances, ways of appreciating an employee do not always have to involve high costs for the employer.

Why is it good to appreciate an employee?

How do you recognise an employee? Before answering this question, it is worth considering why it is important to do so. 

Appreciating employees has a positive impact on their motivation to work and their positive experience. It is one of the best ways to make an employee feel important, relevant to the company. An appreciated person feels more committed to the company. His or her mood, self-esteem and self-worth improve. The employee is more willing to perform his or her duties – feeling that his or her actions are appreciated and recognised by the employer.

Contrary to popular belief, appreciation does not make an employee lazy. Neither does it make them sit on their laurels. On the contrary, they feel more connected to their employer and the company. This, in turn, makes them less likely to change jobs. From an employer’s perspective, valuing an employee has only advantages.

How to recognise an employee - the anniversary troph

Celebrating anniversaries, milestones, achievements and results can be a great way to recognise employees and acknowledge their work. On such occasions, it is worth reaching for employee anniversary trophies. They will be an exceptionally elegant way of expressing the employer’s appreciation. They will build a positive image of the employer. Additionally, a commemorative trophy for an employee – e.g. with a thank-you note – will be a great souvenir to motivate further work.


  • recognise the work that is being done
  • remember about bonuses
  • provide training
  • offer benefits
  • don’t forget small gestures and acknowledgements
  • don’t shy away from praise
  • don’t forget to give feedback
  • show trust
  • take your time
  • celebrate anniversaries

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Trophies for dancers – awards for the best dancers

Dance as a sport can be a real challenge. Years of effort, exercise, practice, honing one’s form are rewarded on the occasion of a dance competition. Male and female dancers can then compete against each other and showcase their amazing skills. The dance competition must be complemented by suitable awards. Dancers’ trophies are an indispensable part of this.

Trophies for dancers are the awards that will not only provide an impressive token of recognition of the competitors’ skills, but also a wonderful memento. It will easily evoke positive emotions and associations connected for the dancer or dancer with winning competitions. Why is it worth investing in awards of this type? And not only on the occasion of major tournaments….


Trophies for dancers

Is it fair to say that dance has always accompanied people? This statement would not be far from the truth. Nowadays, considered both as a sport and as an art form, it is one of the oldest types of dance. Dance can be found under extremely diverse forms in every era and culture. Over the years, its functions, traditions and styles have changed. Among other things, it was a means of communication, building the courage and morale of warriors. It was supposed to bring good luck in hunting and prosperity. At the same time, for the indigenous peoples of North America it was a tool for influencing reality and contacting the gods.

Such a rich and varied history of dance is the basis on which new techniques, movements, styles have been created. Also those still known today, completely contemporary. They differ in their role, type of expression and meaning. And yet they are present in one form or another in every culture, in every place on Earth. They are a cultural interface that connects people all over the world by means of movement.


  • classical dance
  • contemporary dance
  • expressive dance
  • distinctive dance
  • historical dance
  • modern dance
  • postmodern dance
  • conceptual dance
  • dance theatre
Trophies for dancers


Modern Forms, as a manufacturer of sports and commemorative medals and trophies, has on offer the possibility of making impressive trophies for dancers. Awards of this type will provide an exceptionally elegant memento of competition on the dance floor. Our team of graphic designers can prepare a design according to the customer’s expectations – meeting even the highest requirements. At the same time, our specialists can order awards according to the design provided by the customer.

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How to celebrate a work anniversary?

Often, work anniversaries are associated with outdated traditions, communist times and misplaced gifts. Quite wrongly. At a time when, statistically, an employee changes jobs every two or three years, it is worth appreciating those who loyally stick with one organisation.


Why is celebrating an anniversary important (not just for the jubilarian)? What ways of celebrating will work best? What gift ideas can be used? We write about it in this article.

Labour market situation

The labour market is changing. Just a decade or so ago, we spent our entire adult lives in one job – from graduation to retirement in one company. Now it is completely unthinkable! Changing jobs is the norm. According to studies, we work in the same place for 2-7 years. And this average is getting shorter all the time.

Why? Private workplaces (there are statistically more of these than state-owned companies) increasingly rarely offer permanent contracts, the market is quite uncertain, there is a lot of competition. Also, employees often do not want to be tied to one job for a long time – we are looking for challenges, new opportunities, we change our place of residence much more often, we have higher requirements as to the position. This makes it all the more worthwhile to appreciate people who have a long job seniority in one organisation.

Why celebrate anniversaries?

  • everyone likes to be appreciated, and in the current situation on the labour market, staying with the same company for several or more years is a great achievement for the employee, but also for the employer (we are a friendly company, people want to work for us),
  • anniversaries are motivating, especially if there is some kind of reward attached to the celebrations, 
  • it is a signal to other employees that it is worth tying themselves to the company,
  • they retain long-serving employees for years to come,
  • create deeper employee-company links by evoking positive emotions and memories, 
  • they strengthen the bonds between employees, create a friendly atmosphere in the company, form a working culture and also indirectly increase productivity (I work more effectively because I like the company and want it to be good).

How to celebrate anniversaries?

The art of celebration is quite a challenge for a boss, manager or other person responsible for organising events in a company. The method of celebration should be chosen according to the length of service, the position and the character of the celebrant. You can celebrate your anniversary during a short meeting, or at a company gala.

The jubilee celebrations must not be missed:

  • short speech thanking for contribution to the development of the company and wishing continued fruitful cooperation. In the speech, it is worth mentioning the jubilarian’s role in the organisation, listing a few merits, as well as quoting one or two anecdotes from the corporate life of this person,
  • gift in kind or financially. Sometimes brands offer the jewellers an extra paid holiday, sometimes it is a financial gratification. However, more often than not, the jubilarian receives a gift in kind that will stay with them for a long time and remind them of the anniversary.


Trophies for work anniversaries

At Modern Forms, we know how to appreciate long-serving employees in an elegant way. We design and produce trophies for long-serving employees from scratch. Unusual design dedicated to a specific order is our speciality. We create 100% personalised products that will long be remembered by the celebrants

What to keep in mind when designing a trophy for a work anniversary?

  • highlighting length of service – a round anniversary should be conspicuous from the first glance at an award for a long-serving employee, 
  • the employee’s name and surname, or the job title,
  • a short quotation or thank-you text,
  • the name and/or logo of the company where the employee is celebrating their anniversary.

Extreme diving in Switzerland (project)

Do you like a shot of adrenaline in your blood? Find out more about high diving! Just watching divers jump from the height of a skyscraper makes your skin suffer! What it is, the origins of this extreme sport and what the trophies we had the pleasure of making for the competitors in Switzerland looked like – you can find out in this article. 

What is high diving?

High diving, or jumping into the water from great heights, can be treated as an extreme sport, a stunt or part of a competition. During the competition, men jump from a platform 22-27 metres high, women 18-23 metres. High diving made its debut at the 2013 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. However, jumping into the water from high cliffs was known much earlier. The first mention dates back to 1770, when the king of Maui (Hawaii) forced his warriors to jump to prove their courage and loyalty.

Initially, the sport was practically only trained by gymnasts and jumped from great heights. The element of water as a safety base was only added later. Due to a lack of training sites – divers started jumping using various infrastructure elements (bridges, ships, buildings) or natural terrain (e.g. cliffs).

In high diving, a distinction can be made between three types: pool diving (there is the only permanent platform in Austria for this sport), open-air diving and cliff diving (the most dangerous).

The men’s and women’s World Championships are held in high diving. In addition to this event, there is also the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series every year, which attracts thousands of fans due to the spectacular nature of the sport. Participants jump from various locations – castles, cliffs, towers, bridges and even the Copenhagen Opera House.

High diving – what’s worth knowing?

  • The prerequisite for becoming a high altitude diver is several years of experience in diving or a similar acrobatic sport. The ability to make quick decisions, sober risk assessment, courage and good physical preparation are also necessary. Most high divers reach the required conditions (physical and mental) around the age of 30,
  • High diving is a high-risk sport. When entering the water, the body is exposed to tremendous force, this often leads to injury and limits the ability to repeat dives multiple times in one training session. 
  • When entering the water, the diver must stretch the muscles as much as possible to avoid the twisting of the body that can occur when part of the body slows down underwater and part remains in full momentum. 
  • The world lacks professional places where high divers can practise. The only permanent platform is in Austria, but it is closed during the winter. 
  • Performing an emergency landing into the water from a height of 26 m can be compared to the force with which a person is hit when jumping into the street from a height of 13 m.

Trophy for divers – produced by Modern Forms

Trophy for high diving competition

The Infinite Drop High Diving Association was founded in December 2018 in Switzerland. It is a team of people responsible for organising High Diving competitions, shows and events. In July 2022, the association organised the annual International Cliff Diving Championships. The competition took place in Ponte Brolla, Switzerland. 33 competitors from 11 different countries took part in the event. Modern Forms had the pleasure of making the trophies for the winners for this extreme diving competition. 


Our studio created 6 unique trophies personalised by place (1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the women’s and men’s categories). Each trophy was created with 3 panels: 2 printed stainless steel panels and 1 centre panel made of clear acrylic with a printed silhouette of a diver. All panels were set on a wooden base, which also featured a colourful print of the logo, the name of the competition and personalisation by location.

The most popular movie trophy

For many years, the world of cinematography has been awarding outstanding filmmakers with prestigious trophies. It’s a symbolic award that brings a lot of benefits (not only financial), popularity and interest from the media and the public. It’s no wonder, then, that exclusive film trophies are a tasty morsel for anyone associated with the creation of films, TV series or programs. 

What do the world’s most prestigious film awards look like? That is what you will find out in this article.

The world’s most famous film trophies

The Academy Awards – the awards of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been presented since 1927 (first gala in 1929). Considered the most prestigious film awards, interestingly the Oscar trophy itself is not worth much (approximately $400-900). The trophy is cast in bronze, gilded, and depicts a naked knight holding a sword, standing on a base in the shape of a filmstrip. The frames of the tape represent the five branches associated with film: actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians.


Golden Globes – the annual awards presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for films and series. The first ceremony for the film trophies was held in January 1944. In 2009, the award was redesigned – it depicts a golden globe wrapped in film tape placed on a marble base. So far, the most Golden Globes have been won by La La Land film from 2016.


Palme d’Or – presented at the Cannes International Festival. It is the most prestigious award in the film world. The trophy is awarded to the director of the best film for a given year. The Palme d’Or is made of 24-carat gold and consists of 19 leaves inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Cannes. This coveted trophy in the film world was first awarded in 1955.

Cannes Palme d'Or film trophy.
Golden Globes movie trophy

The Golden Mask, a film award presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The current trophy was designed by an American sculptor in 1955. It depicts a golden theatre mask similar to those used in antiquity, hence the name. The awards were first presented in 1948.


César Awards – the prestigious French film award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Technology since 1976. The trophy is named after the French sculptor who designed it; its appearance has not changed to this day.


The Golden Bear – the film trophy of the Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale, awarded almost continuously since 1951. The trophy was designed by a Berlin-based sculptor and depicts a bear – the symbol featured in Berlin’s coat of arms and flag.

Movie trophies for smaller events

Are you organising a local film festival? Or are you looking for awards for filmmakers in your area, school, film fanclub? We will design and produce film trophies for you, tailored to your budget and the rank of your event. Whether you need a symbolic gift or something more prestigious.

What film trophies can we prepare for an event?

  • standard trophies – simple awards consisting of up to 2 elements, available materials: steel, glass, plexiglass, wood. 
  • premium trophies – awards made from three panels, personalisation into five different categories, materials: steel, plexiglass, plywood, wood, glass, recycled material (zero waste) eco materials.
  • exclusive trophies – awards limited only by the imagination, any shape, number of panels, non-standard elements (moving, illuminations, gilding, etc.).

Do you need such film trophies?

Contact your sales specialist and ask about the offer that is best for you.

Company trophy, or how to thank in business

Acknowledgements have become a permanent part of company ceremonies celebrating the end of the year or a round jubilee. They may take various forms – a cash price, a diploma, or a plaque with engraving. However, the most elegant way of appreciating an employee or thanking for cooperation is presenting a tasteful personalised trophy. Ideally, the award should be tailored to the occasion, including the name of the recpend and/or the company name.

Which trophy to give to the boss and which one to award the sponsor? Is a trophy a good idea to appreciate a long-term employee? How can business trophies look like? We will try to answer this and several other questions in this article.

Trophies for sponsors, acknowledgement of cooperation

A productive corporate partnership? A symbolic thank you to an event sponsor? A personalised statuette is the perfect idea. It will become an expression of gratitude for the help and cooperation in archiving goals and will emphasise the importance of the person or company. A stylish, beautifully designed statuette can be proudly placen on a representative shelf next to the other trophies or awards.

What to keep in mind when ordering a thank you trophy?

  • specify the number of statuettes 
  • state your name and surname and/or the name of the company you wish to place on the statuette, 
  • state the reason for the award, e.g. thanks for long-term cooperation and other texts you wish to place on the award,
  • send graphic elements such as logotypes, company colours, font used most often in your company communication (if you want the award to be consistent with the visual identity of your company)
  • agree with your account manager on materials, decoration methods and approximate budget – this will allow you to quickly estimate and design the award,
  • you may be inspired by previous projects and adjust one to your needs (in your message to the account manager give its number).

Do you want to order a trophy?

Talk to our account manager

Commemorative tropies for the boss

A personalised tropies can also be a good idea for a gift from your employees to your boss. When designing a corporate gift, it is worth taking into account the interests and passions of the recipient, e.g. motorcycling, fishing, fast cars or love for sailing boats. A statuette in the shape of a yacht or other favourite vehicle will surely appeal to the employer and stay in his memory for a long time. It will also be a stylish decoration, which will look great in the boss’s office.

When designing a tropies for your boss, you can be tempted by the „wow effect”. What are we talking about?

  • movable elements of the statuette,
  • illumination with leds – a statuette as a decorative lamp? why not!
  • non-standard combination of materials,
  • gilding, 
  • parts sent by customers incorporated into the statuette e.g. the boss’s favourite ball autographed by his idol, a commemorative photo or other materials.

Anniversary statuettes for long-serving employees

It is not only the boss who deserves appreciation. The strength of any company are the people – the employees who have contributed to its development for many years and who have remained loyal to the team. They should not be forgotten when preparing the awards for the company gala. A statuette for a long-term employee should include his or her name and surname, emphasis on the time spent working for the company (15, 20, 35 years) and words of appreciation placed, for example, on a plaque.

If not a statuette, then perhaps a commemorative medal

Do you feel that a business statuette is not it after all? Do you have to fit into a limited budget? Why not choose a commemorative medal in a decorative box instead of a statuette? You can place the same information on the medal as on the statuette (your name, logo and the name of your company, the occasion of presenting the award). The commemorative medal can also contain custom moving elements, spatial printing or consist of several different materials. What’s more, the medal doesn’t have to be round at all! We can cut out any shape you want.


Ecology has become very fashionable and there are more environmental events than ever before. Offering a unique environmental trophy as a souvenir or interesting promotional item is one way to stand out in a crowded market of similar events.


What is ecology for Modern Forms? It is the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies and supporting the eco activities of our customers. Out of concern for the environment, we have introduced a collection of unique Eco Trophies made of wood, glass and cardboard.

  • Glass and wooden trophies are characterised by a simple design.
  • Cardboard and wooden trophies are covered with an elegant 3D print.
  • Trophies of the eco line are kept in natural colours referring to nature. In addition, all materials used for the trophies are biodegradable.

When organising an event in an ecological sense, it is worth considering trophies made of wood, glass and cardboard. This is an interesting and inexpensive alternative to the somewhat outdated cast iron trophies. Ecological trophies fit perfectly into the atmosphere of an ecological event and can become a unique souvenir for the participants. Especially since wood, glass and cardboard are a great medium for printing or engraving – you can put anything you need on them (event or company logo, any graphic).


Modern Forms designs and presents eco awards for your event. What can we offer you?

  • original design – design by experienced graphic designers, ready in 24 hours,
  • quality and precision of execution,
  • unlimited colour palette,
  • unique full-colour 3D printing or engraving technology,
  • freely personalised elements on the trophy, e.g. reference to the type of event, occasion, organiser’s logo.

Thousands of completed projects for various sports competitions and other events around the world, unique design, full staff commitment and an advanced in-house production line make us one of the leading trophy manufacturers. Choose a proven offering, join the ranks of satisfied Modern Forms customers and entrust us with the realisation of your trophy idea.


Take a look at our other articles on our blog. Here you will find a lot of information about medals, but not only. Browse our other publications.

How to order statuettes? What to send in the message to the merchant?

Do you organise sports competitions? Do you want to order prizes for the company anniversary? You do not like wasting time on unnecessary emails? We suggest what information and materials to prepare in order to shorten and facilitate your contact with our sales representatives. Read and use the template of the message to the merchant. Quickly order statuettes, medals and company gadgets.

Custom statuettes – information needed for pricing

Each order of statuettes is priced individually. Price depends on several factors including quantity, materials, complexity of the project, personalisation.

Don’t forget to include this information in your sales email:

  • your contact details (e-mail, telephone),
  • date of the planned event,
  • the look of the statuettes – what idea do you have for the statuettes? You can describe them, send a sketch or a photo. You can use our gallery of realisations (link to socialhub) and write that you want a similar award.
  • the elements that should feature on the medal (e.g. text, logos, graphics, names and surnames of medal winners),
  • demand for other products from our range that will match the statuettes (medals, key rings, openers with print).
Showdown trophy medals

Within 1 working day we will prepare a quote for your custom statuettes based on the materials you send us.

After the statuettes have been approved, our graphic designer will prepare a project according to your guidelines. Simple, not very complicated projects are prepared within 24 hours. For more complex products, you have to wait a little longer.

After approving the project and agreeing on the form of payment, we start the production. Statues are made very quickly, even from 5-7 working days!

Request for quotation for statuettes – Model e-mail

This is what an email requesting a quote for statuettes for your event might look like.

Good morning!

We are organising a company anniversary to be held on 6 June 2022. We need 30 statuettes with which we want to honour deserving employees.

Our idea for the statuettes:

A statuette made of 2 printed panels in an interesting shape.

We want to emphasise that we are a modern and fast developing company – wood, metal, glass are welcome.

Each statuette will have a different plaque with the name of the employee.

Text: Polhurt 20th anniversary 2002 -2022

Text for plaque: For (name and surname) in gratitude for their contribution to the development of the company

Please find attached: logotype and font we use for communication.

Please send me a quote and contact me by e-mail or by phone 667 975 346


Tadeusz Nowicki

Copy the text, complete the necessary information and send to

Good morning!

We are organising …………………………. (sports competition/jubilee/fair) which will take place …………………. (specify date of event). We need ………………….. pieces of printed medals/statuettes/bearers/openers.

Our idea for the statuette (add a description of the statuette – shape, text, date, graphic elements): 


Please find attached: logotype, sketch of the statuette, …

Together with the statuettes we want to order: ………. medals/bearers/openers.

Please send me a quote and contact me by e-mail …………………… or by phone



Gaming statuettes for esport

When you hear the word esport, you actually wonder what it is. Esports is nothing but an electronic sport, which is based on computer games, and the games played in a virtual world bring together players from all countries. Virtual sports are so popular that there are tournaments for players all over the world. The organisers prepare appropriate prizes, such as statuettestrophies for the winners.

Esport how did it all begin? – the history of virtual sport

The first ever games were held in 1972 at Stanford University and were aimed at staff and students of the institute. The competition was about the ability to play Spacewar, but it was a single player game. Multiplayer games started in 1988, where 16 players could join the game. The first organised tournament took place in 1980. However, it was not until 1990 that participation in the tournament guaranteed prizes

The prize pool amounted to 10 thousand USD, and in addition:

  • a TV set,
  • a golden trophy,
  • a car, of course these were the prizes for taking first place.
statuette for participation in the game

Esport is growing in popularity

The 21st century has seen the ever-increasing popularity of e-sports. Currently, the most important events are broadcast by streaming services such as – Thanks to this, fans of esports can watch the game online. In addition, there are periodic live competitions, where you can cheer on your favourite team. As a recognition for the players, the organisers prepare prizes. The winning team receives a cash prize of even several million USD and a trophy in the form of a unique statuette, which players add to their collection.

Esport career

A career in eSports is not the easiest thing to do, experienced eSports players and newcomers say that the most important thing on the way to professionalism is to dedicate your free time. Getting to the top causes a lot of stress and requires hours of practice in front of TV screens, monitors and other equipment. E-sport is in a way similar to traditional sport, where you also have to train regularly.  Esport is a form of competition between players, and the object of this sport are video games that take place recreationally or in tournaments.

What do professional players play?

E sport is available worldwide, allowing all players to take part in the games, plus there are attractive prizes in the form of statuettes to symbolise victory. The iconic games include:

  • Dota 2 – is a multiplayer game, produced by Valve Corporation. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s base.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a game produced by Valve Corporation. It is a shooter, the rules of which are simple: the terrorists are to blow up one of the designated objects and counterterrorists must stop them.
  • Fortnite – a game of the Battle Royale genre produced by Epic Games, the rules of the game are simple: 100 players are placed on the game map, the winner is the one who remains alone eliminating opponents.
  • League of Legends (LOL) – the most popular game in the world produced by Riot Games. The games are played in multiplayer mode, in which two teams of 5 players have to destroy the enemy base.
  • StarCraft II – a game produced by Blizzard Entertainment. The game – a real-time strategy with elements of arcade games, placed in the reality of science fiction. Players develop their army and base to defeat the enemy.

The most important esports competitions

  • The International – Dota 2 tournament was watched by 860 thousand viewers. During the final clash, the tournament was watched live by over 2.7 million people.
  • Worlds – Worlds is a competition that carries a huge reputation, due to the fact that League of Legends is built on a rich esports history.  The final clash was watched by around 4 million fans.
  • PGL Major – the tournament of the popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. E Sports event was watched by an average of 593,000 people, and at its peak during the final – the counter stopped at 2.75 million.
  • Valorant Champions – the biggest tournament ever organised in the popular shooter from Riot Games both in terms of prize pool and viewership, which turned out to be a record for the game. The average viewership was 470,000, while the final was watched by 1.1 million fans.
esports statuettes
esports statuettes

Trophy for winners

Esport is a virtual competition. The trophy for the winner should be unique, such as our statuettes. It will be an excellent reward for the player, which will remind them of the victory. In our offer we have trophies presenting characters and elements referring to popular games, and everything maintained in beautiful colours, thanks to the possibility of full colour printing in 3D. Modern Forms is a company which focuses on original and unique design, that is why our trophies for esport tournaments are unique. We also specialise in the production of medals, pins and key rings. We want each and every customer to be satisfied with our projects.

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