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Jubilee trophies

The company’s anniversary is one of the most important dates in the company’s life. A unique moment to express thanks and award people who are continually committed to the development of the company with their hard work. The importance of the event is high and there is no need to hide that organisation of such a ceremony can be challenging. At Modern Forms, we know what challenges you face and what we can do for you!

AWARDS, leave it to us

Years of working with companies and corporations have allowed us to get to know these industries almost inside out. Effect? Trophies, consistent with the event and the brand of our clients – which leave our machine park every day. Therefore, if you are organising the 10th, 20th or 30th anniversary of the company – you’ve come to the right place! We know that the trophies are a special recognition that goes to the CEO of the company, distinguished employees, and business partners. Tell us what you are looking for – and we will create a design for you!

TROPHY, like industry

The awards are to reflect the effort put into achieving success, and their power is also to be seen in their weight. That is why we use a variety of materials in production. We combine colours and create original spatial forms. What does this mean in practice? If you want, the shape of the trophy will reflect your business profile. An example is a design for Jawor-Parkiet, which we produced on the 30th anniversary of the company and, additionally, the 25th anniversary of the employee’s work. The combination of steel and openwork allowed us to create a floorboard pattern, and the whole was complemented by an elegant plaque with space for personalisation.

Example No.2? Design for the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ENPROM, which with the shape of the energy pole directly relates to the company’s business profile. A wooden base is a place for personalisation.

TROPHY, like character

Or maybe you are looking for awards tailored to the nature of your event and the theme of the anniversary? With this in mind, we have produced a single-panel trophy made of brushed steel, mounted on a wooden base for LUSTAN. The simple form and shape of the four-leaf clover refer to both the company’s character and the symbol of luck on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary.

Example No. 2 is a one-panel trophy made of brushed steel, painted gold, mounted on a stone base, which we had the opportunity to produce for the Institute of Sports Infrastructure Development – Jubilee Star FIRIS. The classic form of a star-shaped trophy symbolises success and perfection. Effect – judge for yourself!

TROPHY, like a jubilee

Great moments deserve a distinction, and great anniversaries deserve to incorporate digits into the shape of the trophy. For the 30th anniversary of AMS, we have produced a trophy with numbers that correspond to the company’s anniversary. The golden colours of the trophy, combined with a solid, wooden base, emphasised the festive nature of the event even more!

Are you organising a jubilee? Do not hesitate – contact our customer manager. In Modern Forms, the vision of your trophy will become reality. We will produce awards and send them directly to your company’s headquarters – thanks to which you will save your time!