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Company trophy, or how to thank in business

Business trophy for a corporate gala

Acknowledgements have become a permanent part of company ceremonies celebrating the end of the year or a round jubilee. They may take various forms – a cash price, a diploma, or a plaque with engraving. However, the most elegant way of appreciating an employee or thanking for cooperation is presenting a tasteful personalised trophy. Ideally, the award should be tailored to the occasion, including the name of the recpend and/or the company name.

Which trophy to give to the boss and which one to award the sponsor? Is a trophy a good idea to appreciate a long-term employee? How can business trophies look like? We will try to answer this and several other questions in this article.

Trophies for sponsors, acknowledgement of cooperation

A productive corporate partnership? A symbolic thank you to an event sponsor? A personalised statuette is the perfect idea. It will become an expression of gratitude for the help and cooperation in archiving goals and will emphasise the importance of the person or company. A stylish, beautifully designed statuette can be proudly placen on a representative shelf next to the other trophies or awards.

What to keep in mind when ordering a thank you trophy?

  • specify the number of statuettes 
  • state your name and surname and/or the name of the company you wish to place on the statuette, 
  • state the reason for the award, e.g. thanks for long-term cooperation and other texts you wish to place on the award,
  • send graphic elements such as logotypes, company colours, font used most often in your company communication (if you want the award to be consistent with the visual identity of your company)
  • agree with your account manager on materials, decoration methods and approximate budget – this will allow you to quickly estimate and design the award,
  • you may be inspired by previous projects and adjust one to your needs (in your message to the account manager give its number).

Do you want to order a trophy?

Talk to our account manager

Commemorative tropies for the boss

A personalised tropies can also be a good idea for a gift from your employees to your boss. When designing a corporate gift, it is worth taking into account the interests and passions of the recipient, e.g. motorcycling, fishing, fast cars or love for sailing boats. A statuette in the shape of a yacht or other favourite vehicle will surely appeal to the employer and stay in his memory for a long time. It will also be a stylish decoration, which will look great in the boss’s office.

When designing a tropies for your boss, you can be tempted by the „wow effect”. What are we talking about?

  • movable elements of the statuette,
  • illumination with leds – a statuette as a decorative lamp? why not!
  • non-standard combination of materials,
  • gilding, 
  • parts sent by customers incorporated into the statuette e.g. the boss’s favourite ball autographed by his idol, a commemorative photo or other materials.

Anniversary statuettes for long-serving employees

It is not only the boss who deserves appreciation. The strength of any company are the people – the employees who have contributed to its development for many years and who have remained loyal to the team. They should not be forgotten when preparing the awards for the company gala. A statuette for a long-term employee should include his or her name and surname, emphasis on the time spent working for the company (15, 20, 35 years) and words of appreciation placed, for example, on a plaque.

If not a statuette, then perhaps a commemorative medal

Do you feel that a business statuette is not it after all? Do you have to fit into a limited budget? Why not choose a commemorative medal in a decorative box instead of a statuette? You can place the same information on the medal as on the statuette (your name, logo and the name of your company, the occasion of presenting the award). The commemorative medal can also contain custom moving elements, spatial printing or consist of several different materials. What’s more, the medal doesn’t have to be round at all! We can cut out any shape you want.