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Ecological trophy from wood

Ecology has become very fashionable and there are more environmental events than ever before. Offering a unique environmental trophy as a souvenir or interesting promotional item is one way to stand out in a crowded market of similar events.


What is ecology for Modern Forms? It is the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies and supporting the eco activities of our customers. Out of concern for the environment, we have introduced a collection of unique Eco Trophies made of wood, glass and cardboard.

  • Glass and wooden trophies are characterised by a simple design.
  • Cardboard and wooden trophies are covered with an elegant 3D print.
  • Trophies of the eco line are kept in natural colours referring to nature. In addition, all materials used for the trophies are biodegradable.

When organising an event in an ecological sense, it is worth considering trophies made of wood, glass and cardboard. This is an interesting and inexpensive alternative to the somewhat outdated cast iron trophies. Ecological trophies fit perfectly into the atmosphere of an ecological event and can become a unique souvenir for the participants. Especially since wood, glass and cardboard are a great medium for printing or engraving – you can put anything you need on them (event or company logo, any graphic).


Modern Forms designs and presents eco awards for your event. What can we offer you?

  • original design – design by experienced graphic designers, ready in 24 hours,
  • quality and precision of execution,
  • unlimited colour palette,
  • unique full-colour 3D printing or engraving technology,
  • freely personalised elements on the trophy, e.g. reference to the type of event, occasion, organiser’s logo.

Thousands of completed projects for various sports competitions and other events around the world, unique design, full staff commitment and an advanced in-house production line make us one of the leading trophy manufacturers. Choose a proven offering, join the ranks of satisfied Modern Forms customers and entrust us with the realisation of your trophy idea.


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