Ordering and timing

You can order trophies by phone, e-mail and pricing form.

We recommend the form – it’s the most convenient and the fastest way of order. In order to receive a price quote, please provide the following information:

  • contact details (company name, e-mail, phone no.),
  • uantity, size and shape of a trophy,
  • preferable material (wood, plexiglass, dibond, engraved laminate),
  • decoration and additional comments.

How to order?

  1. Once we receive this information, you will receive the price quote and ordering form.
  2. Once you approve the price and send by email the forms the graphic design will be prepared.
  3. Once you confirm the graphic design and make a down payment, we start the production process.

In each order you can ask for a prototype.

Time of realisation

Time of realisation depends on whether you have a design or if one needs to be prepared. Complexity of design, and production process is also a factor.

  • design – 3 days
  • production of trophies – up to 7 days.

The time of order fulfillment can be speed up if you work in close collaboration with us during preparation of a graphic design.