Original custom-made trophies

Modern economical, classic and premium trophies that meet your physical and budgetary needs. Ranging from simple designs at affordable prices, to extraordinarily complex pieces of art for more exclusive occasions. Personalised trophies with 3D effect made of various materials, perfect for any occasion.


Trophies with a simple form, composed of a single element with full-colour printing. Our minimalist design enhanced with eye-catching graphics and colour.

  • Single-element
  • Height: up to 20 cm
  • Thickness: up to 4 mm
  • Materials used: plexiglass, steel, plywood
  • Base: plexiglass, steel, wood


Single-element economical trophies made of plexiglass, steel or plywood by Modern Forms
Classic, two-element trophies with openworks made by Modern Forms


Uniquely shaped, trophies, composed of two elements, openworks and a 3D effect. Awards made of various, combined materials. Personalised with full-colour printing.

  • Two-elemental, made of various materials mixed in one trophy
  • Height: up to 30 cm
  • Thickness: up to 5 mm
  • Materials used: plexiglass, steel, plywood, glass, engraved laminate, wood, recycled materials
  • Base: plexiglass, steel, wood, marble



Premium trophies of extraordinary formand limitless design. Awards made of concrete or exotic wood with openworks and 3D effect with full-colour printing.

  • Multiel-element trophies made of various mixed materials
  • Height: without limits
  • Thickness: up to 8 mm
  • Materials used: plexiglass, steel, plywood, glass, engraved laminate, concrete, recycled material, exotic and local wood
  • Base: plexiglass, steel, wood, marble, concrete
  • Custom elements (e.g. car keys).


Premium 3D trophies, many-elements with full-colour printings made by Modern Forms

What distinguishes our offer

Quick fullfilment of trophies

Quick fullfilment

Original designs of trophies and awards

Original designs

Manual production of trophies and awards

Manual production

Various materials used in production of trophies

Various materials

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Personalised trophies


Recycled materials used in a production of trophies

Recycling and ecology

Trophies for your budget

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Order 50 pieces or more, to receive free prototype.

For any order above 150€, we offer free graphic design and manufacturing preparation (save up to 40 euro!).


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