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Gaming statuettes for esport

Esports team

When you hear the word esport, you actually wonder what it is. Esports is nothing but an electronic sport, which is based on computer games, and the games played in a virtual world bring together players from all countries. Virtual sports are so popular that there are tournaments for players all over the world. The organisers prepare appropriate prizes, such as statuettestrophies for the winners.

Esport how did it all begin? – the history of virtual sport

The first ever games were held in 1972 at Stanford University and were aimed at staff and students of the institute. The competition was about the ability to play Spacewar, but it was a single player game. Multiplayer games started in 1988, where 16 players could join the game. The first organised tournament took place in 1980. However, it was not until 1990 that participation in the tournament guaranteed prizes

The prize pool amounted to 10 thousand USD, and in addition:

  • a TV set,
  • a golden trophy,
  • a car, of course these were the prizes for taking first place.
statuette for participation in the game

Esport is growing in popularity

The 21st century has seen the ever-increasing popularity of e-sports. Currently, the most important events are broadcast by streaming services such as – Thanks to this, fans of esports can watch the game online. In addition, there are periodic live competitions, where you can cheer on your favourite team. As a recognition for the players, the organisers prepare prizes. The winning team receives a cash prize of even several million USD and a trophy in the form of a unique statuette, which players add to their collection.

Esport career

A career in eSports is not the easiest thing to do, experienced eSports players and newcomers say that the most important thing on the way to professionalism is to dedicate your free time. Getting to the top causes a lot of stress and requires hours of practice in front of TV screens, monitors and other equipment. E-sport is in a way similar to traditional sport, where you also have to train regularly.  Esport is a form of competition between players, and the object of this sport are video games that take place recreationally or in tournaments.

What do professional players play?

E sport is available worldwide, allowing all players to take part in the games, plus there are attractive prizes in the form of statuettes to symbolise victory. The iconic games include:

  • Dota 2 – is a multiplayer game, produced by Valve Corporation. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s base.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a game produced by Valve Corporation. It is a shooter, the rules of which are simple: the terrorists are to blow up one of the designated objects and counterterrorists must stop them.
  • Fortnite – a game of the Battle Royale genre produced by Epic Games, the rules of the game are simple: 100 players are placed on the game map, the winner is the one who remains alone eliminating opponents.
  • League of Legends (LOL) – the most popular game in the world produced by Riot Games. The games are played in multiplayer mode, in which two teams of 5 players have to destroy the enemy base.
  • StarCraft II – a game produced by Blizzard Entertainment. The game – a real-time strategy with elements of arcade games, placed in the reality of science fiction. Players develop their army and base to defeat the enemy.

The most important esports competitions

  • The International – Dota 2 tournament was watched by 860 thousand viewers. During the final clash, the tournament was watched live by over 2.7 million people.
  • Worlds – Worlds is a competition that carries a huge reputation, due to the fact that League of Legends is built on a rich esports history.  The final clash was watched by around 4 million fans.
  • PGL Major – the tournament of the popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. E Sports event was watched by an average of 593,000 people, and at its peak during the final – the counter stopped at 2.75 million.
  • Valorant Champions – the biggest tournament ever organised in the popular shooter from Riot Games both in terms of prize pool and viewership, which turned out to be a record for the game. The average viewership was 470,000, while the final was watched by 1.1 million fans.
esports statuettes
esports statuettes

Trophy for winners

Esport is a virtual competition. The trophy for the winner should be unique, such as our statuettes. It will be an excellent reward for the player, which will remind them of the victory. In our offer we have trophies presenting characters and elements referring to popular games, and everything maintained in beautiful colours, thanks to the possibility of full colour printing in 3D. Modern Forms is a company which focuses on original and unique design, that is why our trophies for esport tournaments are unique. We also specialise in the production of medals, pins and key rings. We want each and every customer to be satisfied with our projects.

If you are organising an event and are looking for a manufacturer of bespoke statuettes and cups then take the opportunity to join Modern Forms as a satisfied customer. You can count on a free design and its visualisation to make your decision easier. Modern production line and experienced team allows us to offer not only individual statuettes of the highest quality, but also short time of their preparation – even in 7 working days.


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