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Innovative trophies for the Toyota Media Cup


We faced a real challenge in July 2018 – to create innovative statuettes for Toyota Media Cup organised on a popular racing track in Slovakia – Slovakia Ring, where extremely prestigious sports events take place.


An innovative statuette presenting the participant of the Toyota Media Cup race



International finale of the Toyota Media Cup cycle

On 26th July the Final Race Challenge and the crowning event of Toyota Media Cup took place – namely a competition for automobile journalists from the so called Vysehrad Group – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The participants initially competed on national levels comprising the elimination stage. Only five teams proudly representing their country during the final could qualify from every country. Polish journalists were exceptionally represented by 6 teams because of a tie –, AutoŚwiat,, Fleet, TVN Turbo and


The modern statuette was awarded to Łukasz Byśkiniewicz of TVN Turbo, who dominated both the national and the international competition.



Innovative statuettes with unique forms

Modern statuettes for the Toyota Media Cup podium presenting the participant


Modern Forms has always broken the trends, always looking for newer inspirations and is not afraid to make non-standard products. They include the modern statuette given during Toyota Media Cup. A 28 cm-tall, three-panel statuette presents a participant of the event in an original body suit adapted to racing. A UV print guaranteeing customer satisfaction has been applied on steel panels, powder-coated with an extremely durable paint.



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Technical data of the statuette

Height: 28 cm

Width: 26 cm

Shape: Irregular

Materials: steel, wood


Innovative statuette showing the player in the original coveralls, created on the Toyota Media Cup