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unique design with full personalisation award

There are people behind the success of every organisation or company: employees, partners, and sub-contractors. It is thanks to their commitment and determination that the company can constantly develop and succeed. Are you organising a jubilee, conference or a corporate event and wondering how to reward the best? See our completed projects and raise the profile of your company!

A unique design, with full personalisation and … shipping directly to the recipients! Adapting to our client’s needs is one of the most important principles at Modern Forms. Printed glass trophies – made with ultimate precision – are a unique way to reward the effort put into achieving success.


Printed glass trophies

We are not limited by any templates or shapes. We create awards for you from start to finish – consistent with your brand and the nature of the event. The freedom of design in our production is something that distinguishes us. We like to combine various materials and forms – we can give our products any colour or shape. Are you looking for classing awards with a modern twist? Choose a combination of wood and brushed steel! 

Our wood and brushed steel trophies honoured achievements for outstanding campaigns and projects in social media. On the other hand, our wooden trophies with golden metal accents and unique openwork celebrated selected but consumers food categories.


combine various materials of trophy

We combine various materials, play with form and shape – our designers are extremely creative, and each product is a small work of art


industry for cooperation awards

Gratitude expressed in an exclusive style – over 100 trophies with a unique design went to partners from the real estate industry for long-term cooperation. Awards like that will be remembered by recipients for a long time.


stars form trophies

But that is not all! With Modern Forms, you have complete freedom when it comes to production itself. It is no different when it comes to ordering additional products.

For one of our recent clients, we initially produced 145 wood and black-printed steel trophies. At the client’s special request, we have also made several additional awards right before the event without any problems. We always emphasize that you can order additional products closer to the event. With us, you order only as much as you need.


awards in the shape of the company logo

Business awards are intended not only to reward hard work but also to raise the profile of the company. And nothing improves the perception of the brand as much as a trophy with a company logo! We can create for you awards in the shape of the company logo or place it on the trophy. Everything in a full range of colours using our proprietary printing technology. 

For one of our recent clients, we have made two-panel brushed steel trophies on a wooden base with a prominently displayed logo that emphasises the personal nature of the award. These trophies were to celebrate the company’s achievements in 10 different categories, including sales, marketing, and cooperation.


exceptional business awards

With Modern Forms, your vision of exceptional business awards becomes a reality. Are you curious what our other trophies look like?

Get inspired by our completed designs.

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