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The most popular movie trophy

Movie trophy for smaller events

For many years, the world of cinematography has been awarding outstanding filmmakers with prestigious trophies. It’s a symbolic award that brings a lot of benefits (not only financial), popularity and interest from the media and the public. It’s no wonder, then, that exclusive film trophies are a tasty morsel for anyone associated with the creation of films, TV series or programs. 

What do the world’s most prestigious film awards look like? That is what you will find out in this article.

The world’s most famous film trophies

The Academy Awards – the awards of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been presented since 1927 (first gala in 1929). Considered the most prestigious film awards, interestingly the Oscar trophy itself is not worth much (approximately $400-900). The trophy is cast in bronze, gilded, and depicts a naked knight holding a sword, standing on a base in the shape of a filmstrip. The frames of the tape represent the five branches associated with film: actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians.


Golden Globes – the annual awards presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for films and series. The first ceremony for the film trophies was held in January 1944. In 2009, the award was redesigned – it depicts a golden globe wrapped in film tape placed on a marble base. So far, the most Golden Globes have been won by La La Land film from 2016.


Palme d’Or – presented at the Cannes International Festival. It is the most prestigious award in the film world. The trophy is awarded to the director of the best film for a given year. The Palme d’Or is made of 24-carat gold and consists of 19 leaves inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Cannes. This coveted trophy in the film world was first awarded in 1955.

Cannes Palme d'Or film trophy.
Golden Globes movie trophy

The Golden Mask, a film award presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The current trophy was designed by an American sculptor in 1955. It depicts a golden theatre mask similar to those used in antiquity, hence the name. The awards were first presented in 1948.


César Awards – the prestigious French film award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Technology since 1976. The trophy is named after the French sculptor who designed it; its appearance has not changed to this day.


The Golden Bear – the film trophy of the Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale, awarded almost continuously since 1951. The trophy was designed by a Berlin-based sculptor and depicts a bear – the symbol featured in Berlin’s coat of arms and flag.

Movie trophies for smaller events

Are you organising a local film festival? Or are you looking for awards for filmmakers in your area, school, film fanclub? We will design and produce film trophies for you, tailored to your budget and the rank of your event. Whether you need a symbolic gift or something more prestigious.

What film trophies can we prepare for an event?

  • standard trophies – simple awards consisting of up to 2 elements, available materials: steel, glass, plexiglass, wood. 
  • premium trophies – awards made from three panels, personalisation into five different categories, materials: steel, plexiglass, plywood, wood, glass, recycled material (zero waste) eco materials.
  • exclusive trophies – awards limited only by the imagination, any shape, number of panels, non-standard elements (moving, illuminations, gilding, etc.).

Do you need such film trophies?

Contact your sales specialist and ask about the offer that is best for you.