There are no difficult shapes for us We have the innovative cutting technology

Innovative trophies for the Toyota Media Cup
19 February 2019
Precise cutting Trophies

Water-jet cutting – sounds interesting, isn’t it? However, there is something more interesting than the manufacture process. Therefore, let’s focus on the benefits of our products.

At the beginning,  some information about our technology. Recently, a new gem has appeared in our production hall – Waterjet. This is an innovative and precise cutting technology. Thanks to this machine we can be more creative, we do not have any limits to fulfill even the most challenging orders.

„There are no difficult shapes for us – claim Ireneusz Pieńkowski, CNC operator. We are still working on new solutions. We are trying to keep up-to-date with novelties and develop. WaterJet enables us to work without any limits, propose new ideas and impress our customers. We feel that we can do everything. We have a great idea for a new shape and we do not wonder whether the machine will be able to cut it, we just create because we know that WaterJet will keeps up with our creativity”.


Trophies made by Water Jet

Unique shapes of trophies made by Water Jet

Unique shapes of trophies made by Water Jet

Shapes never seen before by the market

We can cut complex shapes with precision. It can be a trophy in a shape of treble clef, leaf, 2- or 3-dimensional element. We will cut any shape or form you want. You can have a unique and innovative trophy!

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Original trophies produce in a new technology

  • Sophisticated shapes with the usage of the high quality materials (lack of any changes in the material, microscopic cracks, discolorations, deformations)
  • Perfect forms and original designs with the usage of any material (precision in the cutting of the toughest materials, such as: granite, glass, plexiglass and any piece of metal).
  • Grand small elements (trophies with exposed details, openwork, tiny shapes). Details are really important for us.
  • Fine texture of edges, details (without any burrs, deformations. Comfortable trophies to the touch and safe).
  • Any design (customised patters, tailored to your personal preferences).
  • The organic method of cutting, safe for environment (water jet cutting method environmentally friendly, dust-free method, chemically nonaggressive, the lack of hazardous wastes).
Trophies of extraordinary shapes cut by Water Jet

Water jet method enables us to cut complex shapes. The processing is very precise. Water jet cuts soft edges without the need for extra processing. We have the possibility of cutting any shapes in wide range of products.

Wenge wood trophy

Wenge wood, stainless steel, wording on the wood (UV printing).

Trophies made of  plexiglass and stainless steel

Colourless plexiglass , stainless steel inside, printed text.

Trophies made of gres and plexiglass

Gres, colourless plexiglass, printed text.

Trophy in a shape  of a leaf

The base – lacquered aluminium, printed wording. The leaf – wenge wood with UV printing.

Trophy in a shape  of a leaf cut by Water Jet

Waterjet will be perfect to cut any shapes, even other CNC method won’t manage to do it. Any glassman won’t cut such sophisticated shapes or you won’t receive such effect by e.g. milling machine. This advanced technology it perfect for our creativity. Waterjet is operated by the best specialists and we use high quality components, therefore, we can produce unique trophies.

Do you have an original idea or would like to receive a great design?

Let us know about your idea, send us the design. If you want to get a proposition from us, write us! We are still looking for innovative solutions. Just call or write to us