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Trophies for dancers – awards for the best dancers

Trophies for dancers

Dance as a sport can be a real challenge. Years of effort, exercise, practice, honing one’s form are rewarded on the occasion of a dance competition. Male and female dancers can then compete against each other and showcase their amazing skills. The dance competition must be complemented by suitable awards. Dancers’ trophies are an indispensable part of this.

Trophies for dancers are the awards that will not only provide an impressive token of recognition of the competitors’ skills, but also a wonderful memento. It will easily evoke positive emotions and associations connected for the dancer or dancer with winning competitions. Why is it worth investing in awards of this type? And not only on the occasion of major tournaments….


Trophies for dancers

Is it fair to say that dance has always accompanied people? This statement would not be far from the truth. Nowadays, considered both as a sport and as an art form, it is one of the oldest types of dance. Dance can be found under extremely diverse forms in every era and culture. Over the years, its functions, traditions and styles have changed. Among other things, it was a means of communication, building the courage and morale of warriors. It was supposed to bring good luck in hunting and prosperity. At the same time, for the indigenous peoples of North America it was a tool for influencing reality and contacting the gods.

Such a rich and varied history of dance is the basis on which new techniques, movements, styles have been created. Also those still known today, completely contemporary. They differ in their role, type of expression and meaning. And yet they are present in one form or another in every culture, in every place on Earth. They are a cultural interface that connects people all over the world by means of movement.


  • classical dance
  • contemporary dance
  • expressive dance
  • distinctive dance
  • historical dance
  • modern dance
  • postmodern dance
  • conceptual dance
  • dance theatre
Trophies for dancers


Modern Forms, as a manufacturer of sports and commemorative medals and trophies, has on offer the possibility of making impressive trophies for dancers. Awards of this type will provide an exceptionally elegant memento of competition on the dance floor. Our team of graphic designers can prepare a design according to the customer’s expectations – meeting even the highest requirements. At the same time, our specialists can order awards according to the design provided by the customer.

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