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How to celebrate a work anniversary?

Work jubilee, awarding of an employee

Often, work anniversaries are associated with outdated traditions, communist times and misplaced gifts. Quite wrongly. At a time when, statistically, an employee changes jobs every two or three years, it is worth appreciating those who loyally stick with one organisation.


Why is celebrating an anniversary important (not just for the jubilarian)? What ways of celebrating will work best? What gift ideas can be used? We write about it in this article.

Labour market situation

The labour market is changing. Just a decade or so ago, we spent our entire adult lives in one job – from graduation to retirement in one company. Now it is completely unthinkable! Changing jobs is the norm. According to studies, we work in the same place for 2-7 years. And this average is getting shorter all the time.

Why? Private workplaces (there are statistically more of these than state-owned companies) increasingly rarely offer permanent contracts, the market is quite uncertain, there is a lot of competition. Also, employees often do not want to be tied to one job for a long time – we are looking for challenges, new opportunities, we change our place of residence much more often, we have higher requirements as to the position. This makes it all the more worthwhile to appreciate people who have a long job seniority in one organisation.

Why celebrate anniversaries?

  • everyone likes to be appreciated, and in the current situation on the labour market, staying with the same company for several or more years is a great achievement for the employee, but also for the employer (we are a friendly company, people want to work for us),
  • anniversaries are motivating, especially if there is some kind of reward attached to the celebrations, 
  • it is a signal to other employees that it is worth tying themselves to the company,
  • they retain long-serving employees for years to come,
  • create deeper employee-company links by evoking positive emotions and memories, 
  • they strengthen the bonds between employees, create a friendly atmosphere in the company, form a working culture and also indirectly increase productivity (I work more effectively because I like the company and want it to be good).

How to celebrate anniversaries?

The art of celebration is quite a challenge for a boss, manager or other person responsible for organising events in a company. The method of celebration should be chosen according to the length of service, the position and the character of the celebrant. You can celebrate your anniversary during a short meeting, or at a company gala.

The jubilee celebrations must not be missed:

  • short speech thanking for contribution to the development of the company and wishing continued fruitful cooperation. In the speech, it is worth mentioning the jubilarian’s role in the organisation, listing a few merits, as well as quoting one or two anecdotes from the corporate life of this person,
  • gift in kind or financially. Sometimes brands offer the jewellers an extra paid holiday, sometimes it is a financial gratification. However, more often than not, the jubilarian receives a gift in kind that will stay with them for a long time and remind them of the anniversary.


Trophies for work anniversaries

At Modern Forms, we know how to appreciate long-serving employees in an elegant way. We design and produce trophies for long-serving employees from scratch. Unusual design dedicated to a specific order is our speciality. We create 100% personalised products that will long be remembered by the celebrants

What to keep in mind when designing a trophy for a work anniversary?

  • highlighting length of service – a round anniversary should be conspicuous from the first glance at an award for a long-serving employee, 
  • the employee’s name and surname, or the job title,
  • a short quotation or thank-you text,
  • the name and/or logo of the company where the employee is celebrating their anniversary.